#ramanweekly (or biweeky)

progress this week:

- celebrated micro acquisition - surprised how many people are supporting of events like this
- real busy with CJL - making a major tech stack transition. Moving everything to Next.js. (I'm realizing that next.js is probably the best thing ever happened to frontend after react) 
- hired a part time dev to help me work on it. Wish he was full-time. Perhaps should get more engineering help.


- almost finished Brand Story (Donald Miller). How to structure your brand narrative. Pretty good framework. Definitely will reread.
- reading non-stop "No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram" - about Instagram founding story + Twitter + Facebook + Snap + other Silicon Valley drama. Fun fact: Evan Spiegel turned down $3B offer from Zuch when he was 23. Snap is now $24.6B market cap.


- been running 5km every other day, and 2min planks throughout the day
- need to work on sleep consistency


- not that many catch up calls this week. not good - need to do more in coming weeks. or host another zoom party


- celebrated bitcoin reward halving - now it's 6.25 BTC / block.  If you guys haven't yet, I'd recommend googling and reading everything about "bitcoin stock to flow" model. And check this chart periodically https://digitalik.net/btc/#

Please share your thoughts and comments! What could I do better?

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