#ramanweekly - stressful week

you dont have to respond if you dont want to

Hope your week been good!

Progress this week:

- Been a very stressful week:
- Migrating CJL to Next.js. Almost dropped production database for 30 minutes. And then a bunch of other things went wrong in production. All good now.
- Productive time working with an engineer I hired - that's good news. Something i'm thankful for, that it's working out so far.
- Closed an exchange on a large job deal. Quite a bit of responsibility to ensure all things are working well for them.
- Finally added headless wordpress as a CMS for https://cryptojobslist.com/blog. Which will allow us having more collaborators.


- Considering starting cold email outreach. Would appreciate if you guys have any tips on copywriting and templates that convert.


- Listening to the Brand Story for the 2nd time. Real good, actionable book. Started putting it into action, but rewriting my communication copy.
- Still reading No Filter. Lost momentum a bit. Got to regain and finish the book.


- 2 min plans every day
- 5km 3+ times a week

Hope your weeks been productive as well!